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By Susanne Robra-Bissantz

ISBN-10: 0585432961

ISBN-13: 9780585432960

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For example, the Cartoon Network’s South Park is aimed at the demographic group of males 18 years and older. Cosmopolitan magazine, on the other hand, focuses on appealing to females over the age of 18 but younger than 30. Advertisers then gain access to their target demographics by purchas­ ing space on programs or pages geared toward their desired consumers. The Internet has opened opportunities for greater message personalization in mass communication. One of the main ways websites try to attract and keep an audience is through offering content customization.

Wrench, SUNY College at New Paltz; Eunkyong Yook, University o f Mary Washington; Valerie J. Young, Hanover College; and Brooke Zimmers, Shoreline Community College. We would also like to thank our student reviewers from Ashland University, Bowling Green State University, Central Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, Kent State University, Ohio University, and W right State University for their valuable feedback and suggestions. Autumn Says Thanks to ... I feel incredibly grateful to have a network offriends, teachers, students, colleagues and family who awaken my passions, support my endeavors, sharpen my mind, and nur­ ture my spirit.

Day or night, we can reach and be reached by virtu­ ally anyone we desire. News and information from around the world arrive with a few keystrokes or touches on a pad. Such connections are at the heart of communication as a process of creating and participating in social reality. We communicate in a dynamic and intricate system of per­ sonal and social relationships, and each of us is linked to all others by fewer degrees of separation than ever before. Yet, connecting alone is not enough to fully realize the potential of communication in transforming our identities, relationships, communities, and social realities.

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