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By John Barnes

ISBN-10: 031289077X

ISBN-13: 9780312890773

Currie Culver is set fifty-five years previous, in stable overall healthiness, residing in a comfy retirement within the Rockies together with his spouse. within the wake of the Meme Wars that swept the planet generations sooner than, Currie, his spouse, and nearly every person in the world have of their minds a duplicate of 1 actual, software program that provides its hosts constrained telepathy and instills one of those basic cooperation.In his more youthful days, Currie hunted "comboys"--people who had unplugged from the worldwide web to be able to avoid One actual, and who concealed in wasteland components, surviving through raiding the outposts of civilization. Now Currie is termed again into provider to catch the final comboy nonetheless at huge, a guy who calls himself Lobo. together with his excessive tech apparatus, completely plugged into the worldwide web, Currie units out to deliver Lobo in.Instead, Lobo captures Currie, and manages to deprogram him. Thrown again at the assets of his personal intelligence, braveness, and knowledge for the 1st time in twenty-five years, Currie reveals himself in a conflict of minds together with his captor . . . with effects that would swap the lives of every person on Earth.In the easiest culture of John W. Campbell and Robert A. Heinlein, Candle is a unique approximately individualism and society that may depart readers breathless, arguing, and important extra.

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Down here by the stream, the warmer air had made a mess of the snow. When you're trying to stalk someone, it's hard to believe how many ways heavily weathered snow can be frustrating. It crunches constantly, breaks with loud cracks, and makes appalling squealing and grinding sounds against your skis. It grabs unpredictably, always threatening to dump you on your butt. If you fall down it makes a noise like a giant folding a garbage truck. If you don't fall down you still leave painfully sharp and clear tracks.

But it wasn't anything like it might have "naturally" been. The first decade or so after the war, before blight-resistant cover plants had been bred back into existence, had been bad for the land. Many shallow draws had been cut by water into deep ravines and gullies, and after cover had begun to grow again, it had taken many slopes some decades to reshape. The loads of silt and mud had altered the rivers as well, aging them rapidly, making them wind and twist in strange patterns that shouldn't have happened for another ice age or two—and the growth of the new glaciers on the highest peaks had put still another stress on the Colorado mountains.

And finally, at our point in history, there were no heroes anymore, and there were no role models, but there was what I was—for which there didn't need to be a word, because, though we cowboy hunters and other people who did dangerous, individual jobs, were useful, we were no longer important. One True could draw pieces from any of the vast number of its component Resunas and individual psyches, all over the Earth. If any child, or anyone at all, needed my approach to the world, emotional attitude, moral qualities, or any other bit or piece of my way of doing things, at any time in life, she or he could have it instantly, not by laboriously copying external actions until they became habits and then parts of nature, but by an easy direct transfer—One True would call my copy of Resuna, which would copy the required piece of my personality and upload it to One True, which would then download it via the child's copy of Resuna.

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