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By Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini, Catherine Nickerson, Brigitte Planken (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1403935769

ISBN-13: 9781403935762

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5 Shanta Nair-Venougopal Professor in Sociolinguistics and Intercultural Communication, School of Language Studies and Linguistics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. id = 953 Trained as: An applied linguist and sociolinguist (and now becoming an interculturalist) Inspired by: Intercultural studies; politics of recognition; Noam Chomsky (as public intellectual) Speciality: Workplace literacy and communication; intercultural communication research (rethinking ‘culture’) Life: Born in Malaysia (of South Asian/Indian descent); educated in Malaysia and the UK (Edinburgh and Cardiff); Malaysian citizen For: • • • • • Revisionary views of difference; a greater understanding and appreciation of the significance of the concept of the ‘stranger’ in intercultural encounters vis-à-vis the more facile construct of the cultural ‘other’.

Flyvhom Jørgensen, P. E. ), (2005). Business discourse. Texts and contexts. Bern: Peter Lang. A collection of essays on aspects of written and spoken business communication in intra and intercultural settings, including mission statements, international contracts and decision-making meetings. 2 Challenges in the Future This chapter will: • Discuss the future of intercultural business discourse research with particular reference to rapport management • Provide a discussion of multimodality and how this might change business discourse in the future • Discuss multimethod, multidisciplinary research as a way forward for business discourse research This chapter discusses some of the issues around the formation of a research agenda for business discourse in the future.

37 Intercultural communication defined by Anglo-American speakers of English and within sites of aggressive assimilative immigration marked by the ideology of crosscultural adaptation and hegemonically enforced borderlands. The lucrative commodification of English for business communication worldwide – which I see as the ‘global terrorist’ (after Piyush Pandy, executive director of Ogilvy Mather India, 2002) of an idea – the ideology of linguistic normativity. Quotations: • • • • • • • ‘To start with, when you are in the academe, your raison d’être is to be critical; you simply cannot afford to approach things as if they are natural or neutral phenomena.

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