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By Richard F. DeMong

ISBN-10: 0972147721

ISBN-13: 9780972147729

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This quantity is a learn of the language of literary texts. It seems on the usefulness of pragmatic theories to the translation of literary texts and surveys tools of analysing narrative, with unique awareness given to narratorial authority and personality focalisation. The publication contains a description of Grice's Co-operative precept and its contribution to the translation of literary texts, and considers Sperber and Wilson's Relevance idea, with specific pressure at the helpful insights into irony and types of oblique discourse it deals. Bakhtin's theories are brought, and relating to the extra explicitly linguistic Relevance conception. Metaphor, irony and parody are tested essentially as pragmatic phenomena, and there's a strand of sociolinguistic curiosity quite on the subject of the theories of Labov and Bakhtin.


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Journal of Employee Benefits6 (September 1981): 38-44. S. J. Thompson, "Sources of Systematics Risk in Common Stock," Journal of Busii l 173-188; and B. Rosenberg, and W. McKibben, "The ness 49 ( ~ ~ r1976): Prediction of Systematic and Specific Risk in Common Stock," Journal of Financialand QuantitatiueAnalysis8 arch 1973): 317-334. showing that the full funding of pension liabilities is best, due to tax ~ o n s e ~ u e n c e s . , bonds) and into pension liabilities. Pension liabilities are different from conventional debt because of measurement problems and because of the interface between a firm and its pension fund.

4 Is the situation so difIbid. J. J. W. , ne Financial Reality of Pension , Dow Jones-Irwin, 1976). : ferent today, despite the modicum of security provided by ERISA? Switches from defined benefit to defined contribution plans may be especially detrimental to employees. Defined benefit plans guarantee the employee a specified monthly income for life; in the event of firm failure, the PBGC guarantees this income up to $1,517 a month. Under a defined contribution plan, employee benefits depend upon the investment performance of the contributions to the plan.

T o protect the interest of all parties, the Department of Labor and the Public Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) are charged with overseeing the independence of the pension fund and firm. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (1974) and subsequent amendments clearly establish the rights, responsibilities, and relationships of all parties. , "pension funds are entirely separate from the corporation and its shareholders and should be managed without regard to either corporate financial policy or the interests of the corporation and its shareholders.

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