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By Jayde Scott

While thirteen-year-old Thom’s father is going lacking, Thom is familiar with something’s up so he breaks into the basement simply to discover a secret agent middle filled with secret agent equipment.
With the aid of his buddy, Danny, and Danny's fifteen-year-old sister, Hilly, the 3 of them got down to notice what occurred to Thom’s father, yet their research brings them to the eye of a strong crew of artwork thieves who could do whatever to guard their identities.

Soon they become aware of their very own life's at stake and Hilly's drama queen antics and concentrate on spending each penny at the royal undercover agent bank card is not supporting the challenge one bit. Thom should depend upon his wits and neighbors if he’s to outlive and clear up the secret.

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But like some clever guy once said, mistakes are there to teach us a lesson. Of course, the saying could've been in a fortune cookie from a Chinese takeaway Dad ordered recently, but never mind because it's true all the same. Hilly and Danny's mum, Mrs Simmons, drove us to London because she had an appointment with her posh friend who also owned a hair salon and usually cut her hair for free. Mrs Simmons never missed out on a bargain. And so she dropped us off on Bond Street. Hilly said, from there it was only a stone throw to St James Park and the Royal Spy Academy.

She asked. Hilly rolled her eyes. " I nodded shyly. The flight attendant cocked an eyebrow as she regarded Danny and me. "Sorry boys, but I'm not letting you on without an adult. " Crap. That wouldn't work because I didn't have a granny. I looked around and spotted the old lady still hovering in the waiting area. An idea struck me. Why didn't I pretend she was my grandmother?

Ignoring her, I headed straight for the glass bowl filled with M&Ms and popped a handful in my mouth. She glared from her seat. What? Wasn't that what they were for? I smiled. " I held out my palms to show her. "Yet, your hands are covered in chocolate," Danny said. " I shrugged. " The receptionist aka Hawk Nose handed me a tissue and made a face. " Danny started humming to the ambiance music. But then it got really embarrassing when he pretended to lead an orchestra. Conductor, my butt. I wished I could just smack his head with that imaginary tuba.

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