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By Alexandra J. Churchill

ISBN-10: 0750951850

ISBN-13: 9780750951852

A photo of 3 neighbors at the soccer box, taken in 1912. under 5 years later all 3 will be killed and buried underneath the fields of Belgium. This tale is usual of many schoolboys throughout Britain who signed up for or have been conscripted to struggle within the First global conflict. during this groundbreaking new booklet, historian Alexandra Churchill tells the tale of the good warfare during the amazing band of brothers from Britain's most famed public institution, Eton, following them as they stepped out of the school room, into the military and onto the battlefields earlier than they'd left their teenage years in the back of. starting at the banks of the Thames as they labored and performed in privilege, the ghastly realities of struggle are retold in those relocating pages.

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