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By Burton Richter

ISBN-10: 0521747813

ISBN-13: 9780521747813

"Global weather swap is without doubt one of the most vital concerns humanity faces at the present time. This publication assesses the practical, mindless and biased proposals for fending off the possibly disastrous effects of worldwide warming, permitting the reader to attract their very own conclusions on switching to extra sustainable strength provision. Burton Richter is a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who has served on many US and foreign review Read more...


Nobel Prize-winning scientist's review of suggestions for switching to sustainable power provision to circumvent most likely disastrous outcomes of weather change. Read more...

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White clouds reflect more of the incoming solar radiation back into space before it gets to the ground than  Climate Modeling would be reflected by the darker ground itself, and that would decrease the temperature. There are many more feedback loops, and getting them all correct is the main effort of today’s climate modelers. Arrhenius’ colleague, Arvid Hogbom, was interested in the entire planetary carbon cycle: where carbon came from and where it went. He thought that human activity, mainly the use of fossil fuels (back then it was chiefly coal), was adding to the CO in the atmosphere.

The air pollution was bad at the time of my first trip in  and terrible at the time of my last in . For the  summer Olympics, China shut down every coalfired power plant within  miles of Beijing because of air pollution. They now require the most efficient coalfired power plants for all new builds (higher efficiency than we require in the United States), and are building nuclear power plants, large wind farms, and large solar installations, not because of climate change, but to reduce the air pollution that affects the health of their population.

There is probably more coal to find, but it will be much harder to get and therefore more expensive. Using that much coal will have much greater negative effects on health, unless, of course, someone invents “clean coal,” an empty phrase used by the industry today. At the end of Part II, I gave a grade to each of the alternative energy sources: Winners, Losers, and Maybes. Today the grades are different from what they were in the first edition. There have been movements between the categories and not all the movement has been in the direction fulfilling the hopes of the advocates of particular solutions.

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