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Medical Ethics

By Marvin Kohl

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A L. SHERWIN limited, "minority" case may be made for active euthanasia within the framework of Jewish law. Marvin Fox, "Prologomenon" in The Teachings of Maimonides, ed. A. Cohen. 2nd ed. (New York: Ktav, 1968), p. xli. 2. For a similar approach, see Richard Martin, Belief, Existence and Meaning (New York: New York University Press, 1968), chapter 2. Because of limitations of space this 3. : its barest essentials. for example, Joseph Fletcher, Morals Princeton University Press, 1954), chapter 6; The Sanctity ofLife and the Criminal Law (New York: Knopf, and Sidney Hook, "The Ethics of Suicide," IntemationalJoumal Glanville Williams, 1968).

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Even in most savage tribes there is no record of mercy killing in the strict sense, but a kind of "quasi-euthanasia," as in the abandonment of the aged when in reality little else could be done under primitive living conditions. ^-' The advocates of euthanasia must face the fact that they are opposing the traditional Christian teaching on the value of a human life. They must go back beyond two thousand years to a world before Christ, or to some pagan land that has never known Christ, and even then seek a most barbaric tribe to find a practice like to mercy killing.

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