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By Gideon, Scott Oehler, David Detrick

ISBN-10: 1555600174

ISBN-13: 9781555600174

The start of a legend...

Here is Natasha Kerensky, the notorious Black Widow, in a single of her unit's first and so much bold missions... a dangerous undertaking of revenge opposed to Anton Marik, the insurgent of the loose Worlds League.

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1670. W After I had written this, I was desired by Mr Boyle to intreat some o f our Philosophical friends, among whom he nam’d you expressly, yt they would oblige him by sending him a few Glow-worms, put up wth some grass in a glas-viol, and loosly stopped. Sr If you can meet wth any, I pray, remember us, and send ym out to my house, if you please, and you will doe M. Boyle a particular pleasure; who, though weak enough in his health, doth yet delight in carrying on Experiments. ADDRESS To his honored friend John Evelyn Esq these 59 NOTES 1 There is no record o f the enclosure, which was presumably a letter.

Gratias itaque et Tibi et domino Hoockio, praevia officiosissima salutatione, multo habeo, et ago maximas pro multifarijs in me collatis beneficijs; quod non solum haud gravatus fueris mei caussa libros meos divendere, sed etiam lentes egregia opera domini Hookij pro Telescopio 50 fere pedum longo, cum Exellentissimo Microscopio mihi transmittere. Microscopium quantum dijudicare possum, optime exspectationi meae satisfacit; de Telescopio nolo etiam vel quicquam dubitare ; quando vero ad Astra illum adhibuero, certius quid de eo Vobis referre potero; inprimis cum Illustris Viri Domini Burattini1 simi­ les lentes pro Telescopio 62 pedum construendo ad idem obiectum direxe­ ro, quas primo tempore mihi dono mittet: prout etiam iam quasdam ab ipso possideo, sedecim viginti, et triginta pedum, quas profecto preaclarissimas esse inveni.

16 R. De Graaf In haste. ] Venice July 4. ] M r. 6 ADDRESS T o M r. O ld en b u rg London NOT ES Reply to Letter 1348 (Vol. VI), sent by Oldenburg to D e Graaf at an unknown date. ” 1 P h il. , no. 52 (17 October 1669), 1403-7 and plate. Oldenburg there quotes from D e Graaf’s Letter 1244 (Vol. VI). 2 See V o l. V I, pp. 381 and 387. D e Graaf’s treatise was D e virorum organis generationi inservientibus (Leiden, 1668). 3 Vol. V I (Letter 1244), p. 123. 4 P h il. , no. 52 (17 October 1669) contains in the plate Edmund K in g ’s figure o f the structure o f the human testis ; K in g was by now fully convinced that “ all Glands (so called) are nothing else but Vessels (and their Liquors) variously w ro u g h t.

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