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By Alice Miller

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In direct competition to the Freudian drive  theory, the writer of the best-selling The Drama  Of The proficient baby believes that  children, at delivery, are inherently sturdy, and she  traces all types of felony deeds to past  mistreatments.

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The anterior deltoid can also assist with shoulder abduction. Looking at a back view of the muscles, the posterior deltoid, latissimus dorsi, and teres major all have actions of shoulder extension and can produce shoulder horizontal abduction. However, they differ in that the posterior deltoid has an action of shoulder external rotation, while the other two muscles traverse to attach to the front of the humerus and so have an action of shoulder internal rotation. Unlike the hip joint, the shoulder does not have a group of muscles on the inside that are designed for adduction.

Synovial joints can be further subdivided into six types, named according to their shape. Two of these types of synovial joints—ball-and-socket and hinge joints—are particularly key for understanding limb movements. A ball-and-socket joint is formed from the rounded head of one bone and the concave cup, or socket, in the adjoining bone. Ball-and-socket joints are the most freely movable type of joint in the body, and they appear at the roots of the limbs—the shoulder and hip joints. With a hinge joint, a spool-shaped surface fits into a concave surface.

Many of these muscles have additional actions, but their location will at least give you one of their primary actions. For purposes of simplicity and clarity, the regional descriptions that follow are focused to include the most important muscles of major joints that also will be used in the description of Pilates mat work in chapters 4 through 9. The table for each region organizes muscles relative to production of a given movement. Tables include both primary and secondary Muscles, Movement Analysis, and Mat Work 33 muscles for most movements.

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