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By Ralph Woodrow

ISBN-10: 091693800X

ISBN-13: 9780916938000

Babylon secret faith is an in depth Biblical and ancient account of the way, whilst, why, and the place historical paganism was once combined with Christianity. From the early days of Babylon and the legends surrounding Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz, sure rites and rituals are traced of their a variety of advancements, therefore supplying clues wherein the "mystery" is so9lved! The apostles had estimated there could come a "falling away" and the facts in their prediction is now obtrusive in background. With such facts in hand, all real believers may still search, as by no means prior to, the simplicity present in Christ himself and to earnestly contend for that unique religion which used to be brought unto the saints.

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N Dariot, sig. D ;2 v. THE SANGUINE TYPE 27 bethan drama wisely avoided the presentation of churchmen, and the men of law play parts too minor to reveal their humors. The most conspicuous example of a "grave, rich man" outside the feudal pale of the nobility is the merchant Antonio; and , at least in the course of the play, he is clear1 y not sanguine but melancholy, though his "sad" humor seems to arise, not from his innate complexion , but from his momentary worries and the dangers that beset him.

But the p∞tic allusions in the plays to 出e humors and complexions are without number; and the present study is concerned rather with humoral use in plot or character. The dry heat of choler6 was thought to affect th é" heart and so the whole physique. 7 Thus choleric anger enflames the entire body "with a sodaine burning heate,"8 a "boyling,'呻 more precisely described as a "boyling of the Bloud aboute the Heart, wherewith the Braine also being excited by choler, is set in a heate and testines, desyrous of reveng, whensoever any lfi lU ry is offered.

See the present writer , "Dogberry's Due Process of La w ," IEGP , XLIl, 563 et uq . THE PHLEGMAnC TYPE 39 pure vacuity, or mere parroting of othefs, who needs the constant promptings of Sir Toby to "accost" Maria and to conduct his torpid wooing of Olivia, and even so is a laggard in love , and whose tirnorous duel with Viola shows him also a dastard in war. phlegmatic traits of character. Shakespeare's use of the phlegmatic type in serious sìtuations is at first a bit wooden as in Hero or very incidental as in Richard II's Queen; but, in Ophelia, he develops rather fu11y a realistic pathos.

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