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Below 4000 Â, the intensity falls with wavelength to a plateau between 2200 and 2500 A. 7 A, which is due to the emission of the Lyman-a line by hydrogen atoms in the sun. However, at the earth's surface all the radiation below 2900 A has been removed, as well as a significant fraction between 2900 and 3200 Â. A more detailed estimate of the fall-off in the vacuum ultraviolet intensity is shown in Fig. 1-15, which lists the solar flux below 2200 A at 85, 50, and 30 km. The removal of the radiation below 3200 Â as the sun's rays penetrate the atmosphere is due to absorption by the species present in the atmosphere.

A 1915 Ackerman et al. (1975), balloon 44° N, sunsets V 73 and V 74, solar absorption at 1915 cm-1, grille spectrometer, authors' uncertainties in measuring equivalent widths as amplified by inversion. B Briehl et al. (1974), aircraft 25-37° N, midday I-II 74, chemiluminescence, range of observations, and limit of detectability. C Chanin (1974), balloon 44° N, midday VI and X 73, solar absorption in NO 7-band. FG Fontanella et al. (1974), aircraft 43-51° N, sunrise and sunset VI 73, solar absorption at 1891,1909, and 1915 cm-1, grille spectrometer, upper limit.

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