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By Donald F. Lach

ISBN-10: 0226467120

ISBN-13: 9780226467122

Unique ebook 1977.

This is the second one quantity in a chain that strains, century via century, the function of Asia within the making of Europe.

The upward thrust to international dominance of the Western international locations nowa days and the swift commercial development of the West, which outpaced the East in technical and armed forces achievements, have ended in a historic eclipse of the traditional and tremendous cultures of Asia.

Historican Donald F. Lach, in his influential scholarly paintings, Asia within the Making of Europe, issues out that an eclipse isn't everlasting, that this one was once by no means overall, and that there has been a interval in early sleek occasions while Asia and Europe have been shut opponents in brilliance and mutual impact.

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Boxer, "Portuguese Roteiros, 1500-1700," Mariner's Mirror, XX (1934), 172-76; and A. Teixeira da Mota, "Evolu~ao dos roteiros portugueses durante 0 seculo XVI," Revista da universidade de Coimbra, XXIV (1971), 5-3 2 • 96 97 [4 1 9 ] Technology and the Natural Sciences He described for the first time the loxodromic curve so vital to map projection, and explained the method of great-circle sailing: Like other astronomers, Nunes was impressed by the mariners' accounts of the Southern Cross and wanted better data on it and the other celestial phenomena of the tropics.

Op. cit. (n. 73), I, 285. 75 See Wightman, op. cit. (n. 61), I, II6-17. Technology and the Natural Sciences Simon Stevin and Tycho Brahe made their greatest contributions to scientific knowledge during the last years of the sixteenth and the first years of the seventeenth century. By that time the decimal position of Hindu-Arabic numerals was in common use throughout Europe, but decimal fractions were not. Although decimal fractions were known to some ofStevin's predecessors, their use was far more ancient in China than in Europe.

N. IIS), p. IS6. [422 ] 24. Magellan as navigator. From A. Thevet, Les vrais pourtraits . (Paris, I584), p. 528 r . Courtesy of the Newberry Library. 25. Discussion and depiction of the Southern Cross. From T. Blundevile, His Exercises . (London, 1597). Based on the work of Pedro de Medina, the Spanish cosmographer. COUJ:tesy of the Newberry Library. 26. Woodcut of the combat between Magellan and the natives of Mactan in the Philippines. Notice nudity of the natives and their primitive weapons and surroundings.

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