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10 ARISTOTLE'S CRITICISM OF PLATO AND THE ACADEMY itself indicates a method (which ts applied m the topic at 148 A 14-22) of overthrowing Platonic definitions by developing the inconsistency between transcendent idea and immanent universal, for Aristotle docs not allow any distinction between them on the part of the Platonists. There are m the Topics numerous incidental rcfeiences to definitions of Plato and the Platonists brought in by way of illustiatton to dialectical rules which are neither restricted to refutation of Academic definitions or doctrines nor more especially adapted to this purpose.

Of the genus is applicable to the given species, the genus is not applicable eithet: foi ex> ample, neither even nor odd can be predicated of soul; consequently, numbei cannot be the genus of soul. , p 293, 10). by division one shows that all number is either even or odd; if the soul is neither even nor odd, it cannot be a number. «. ) ie Furthermore, number can be shown not to be the genus of soul by the 123A^3*26 t 0 P l c "willc^ investigates whether a given species takes part in something that cannot possibly be predicated of anything subsumed under the supposed genus.

H. Maier, Syllogtstik, II, 2, p. 67, n. I ) Consequently i t « not to be taken for granted that Aristotle would always approve on philosophical grounds the results or implications of the particular methods of refutation suggested in the Topics; but the practical DIAERESIS, DEFINITION, AND DEMONSTRATION 19 nature of the treatise required that he give as examples theses and definitions which his students might in reahty have to confront (Topics 101 A 30-34; II b . (K r

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