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Number Theory

By Charles Chui, Larry L. Schumaker

ISBN-10: 0826513255

ISBN-13: 9780826513250

This meticulously edited choice of papers comes out of the 9th overseas Symposium on Approximation conception held in Nashville, Tennessee, in January, 1998. every one quantity includes a number of invited survey papers written via specialists within the box, in addition to contributed examine papers.

This ebook may be of significant curiosity to mathematicians, engineers, and machine scientists operating in approximation conception, wavelets, computer-aided geometric layout (CAGD), and numerical analysis.

Among the subjects integrated within the books are the following:

adaptive approximation approximation via harmonic features approximation by means of radial foundation features approximation by means of ridge features approximation within the advanced aircraft Bernstein polynomials bivariate splines structures of multiresolution analyses convex approximation frames and body bases Fourier equipment generalized moduli of smoothness interpolation and approximation by means of splines on triangulations multiwavelet bases neural networks nonlinear approximation quadrature and cubature rational approximation refinable capabilities subdivision schemes skinny plate splines wavelets and wavelet platforms

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Let k be a fixed positive integer. The sequence {an }n≥1 is defined by a1 = k + 1, an+1 = a2n − kan + k. Show that if m = n, then the numbers am and an are relatively prime. Poland 2002 M 13. The sequence {xn } is defined by x0 ∈ [0, 1], xn+1 = 1 − |1 − 2xn |. Prove that the sequence is periodic if and only if x0 is irrational. 228] M 14. Let x1 and x2 be relatively prime positive integers. For n ≥ 2, define xn+1 = xn xn−1 + 1. (a) Prove that for every i > 1, there exists j > i such that xi i divides xj j .

Prove that there exist positive integers m and n such that m2 √ 1 − 2001 < 8 . 3 n 10 The Grosman Meomorial Mathematical Olympiad 1999 G 4. Let a, b, c be integers, not all zero and each of absolute value less than one million. Prove that √ √ 1 a + b 2 + c 3 > 21 . 10 Belarus 2002 G 5. Let a, b, c be integers, not all equal to 0. Show that √ √ 1 3 3 ≤ | 4a + 2b + c|. 4a2 + 3b2 + 2c2 Belarus 2001 G 6. Prove that for any irrational number ξ, there are infinitely many rational numbers ((m, n) ∈ Z × N) such that n 1 ξ− <√ .

Wsa, pp. 39] H 42. Find all integers a for which x3 − x + a has three integer roots. [GML, pp. 2] H 43. Find all solutions in integers of x3 + 2y 3 = 4z 3 . [GML, pp. 33] H 44. For all n ∈ N, show that the number of integral solutions (x, y) of x2 + xy + y 2 = n is finite and a multiple of 6. [GML, pp. 192] 37 H 45. Show that there cannot be four squares in arithmetical progression. (Fermat) [Ljm, pp. 21] H 46. Let a, b, c, d, e, f be integers such that b2 − 4ac > 0 is not a perfect square and 4acf + bde − ae2 − cd2 − f b2 = 0.

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