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By P. Neville

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This learn of Sir Nevile Henderson is the 1st within the English language, and demanding situations the concept that Henderson was once hopelessly pro-Nazi and did not go on British warnings to the Hitler executive approximately its habit. Henderson used to be despatched to Berlin in 1937 to attempt to construct bridges to the Nazi regime, and attempted demanding to do that. yet he finally famous that the Nazi govt used to be "a gangster regime," whereas combating to the final to maintain peace.

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Vansittart was appreciative in his reply and went out of his way to reassure Henderson about the value of his services. You know [he wrote] that I was only prompted to write, as I should always be prompted to write to you, as a friend. You have done splendidly in Belgrade and made a great name for yourself, but of course it has been done at great expense to yourself. Vansittart agreed with Henderson that it was time he had a new posting because 'as much and more than is fair has already been demanded of you and fully paid.

18 A Man with a Mission 23 The historical record does not support such a view, particularly in the light of Vansittart's reference (cited in the last chapter) about Henderson's fitness for the Diplomatic 'First Eleven', and the golden opinions obtained from others. In the 1950s Vansittart got into a bitter dispute with the former British minister in Vienna, Sir Walford Selby, about references in Selby's memoirs which suggested that Vansittart, like Henderson, had effectively supported the Anschluss in 1938; but in his anger the former Permanent Under-Secretary also took a sideswipe at Henderson's appointment.

A. Butler, to the German Ambassador in 1938. The Germans should be aware, Butler opined, that: Baldwin as Prime Minister had concerned himself with foreign policy only to the degree that was absolutely necessary, and consequently the predominant, pro-French element in the Foreign Office had been able to exert its influence to the fullest extent.

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