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By Myrtle A. Davis

ISBN-10: 0896038904

ISBN-13: 9780896038905

Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore. Discusses laser scanning cytometry for the research of apoptosis, tissue-based tools of quantification for stories utilizing animal types, and sensible assays and ELISA recommendations. DNLM: Apoptosis--physiology.

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Dye solutions decompose rapidly if exposed to light. 11. Dye concentrations in the range of 100–200 nM are recommended, because at higher concentrations nonmitochondrial staining may occur. 12. Cells stained with MitoTracker Green FM show maximal emission at 516 nm; cells stained with CMXRosamine show maximal absorption at 594 nm and emit maximally at 608 nm; they also exhibit significant absorption in the UV region of the spectrum and may be excitable with a mercury arc lamp. During the staining period cells tend to clump; to obtain meaningful data on a per cellbasis, it is essential to resuspend cells by briefly and gently vortexing immediately before analysis.

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