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By Susan Conant

ISBN-10: 1436277299

ISBN-13: 9781436277297

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I countered. ” “Write about people. ” I dug my incisors into a juicy slice of pizza. When I’d finished ingesting it, I daubed my mouth with a paper napkin, drank more wine, and said defiantly, “That is not true! I write about dogs because, in case it isn’t overwhelmingly obvious, dogs are what I’m interested in. ” Rita sipped her wine, cocked her head, and sighed lightly. “Well, isn’t this just wonderful! Tell me, all of a sudden, are all of us free to earn our livings by pursuing our interests and following our missions?

Claudia again proclaimed. “We knew! Shaun tried to disguise it as suicide, but we knew! We knew someone else had been there! ” “Oh,” I said. ” Claudia blinked. ” “A golden retriever,” she answered, raising her hand and pointing a finger in a manner that reminded me of the statue of Hannah Duston. ” My parents raised golden retrievers. I, Holly Winter, grew up with the breed. Jack Winter Andrews. A golden. Claudia’s Hannah-like gesture felt like the finger of fate. The finger pointed directly at me.

She’d gone to his office. She must have gone Monday evening. There was nothing about his death in Tuesday’s paper. In Wednesday’s, his name appeared in the list of death notices. Thursday’s Globe carried the obituary. JOHN W. ANDREWS, PUBLISHER, it was headed. Because we’d shared a name—Winter—and a breed—the golden retriever—I was curiously unsurprised to find that he’d been born in Haverhill. Indeed, when I read the information, I felt almost as if I’d been expecting it, or at least something similar.

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