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By Jens Ahrens

ISBN-10: 3642257437

ISBN-13: 9783642257438

This booklet places the focal point on serving human listeners within the sound box synthesis even if the technique may be additionally exploited in different purposes equivalent to underwater acoustics or ultrasonics. the writer derives a basic formula in line with regular quintessential equations and the single-layer capability technique is pointed out as a useful gizmo so one can derive a common resolution. He additionally proposes extensions to the single-layer strength technique which enable for a derivation of specific strategies for round, planar, and linear distributions of secondary resources. in keeping with above defined formula it really is proven that the 2 confirmed analytical techniques of Wave box Synthesis and Near-field Compensated greater Order Ambisonics represent particular suggestions to the final challenge that are lined via the single-layer strength resolution and its extensions.

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