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By Tsuyoshi Ando (auth.), Themistocles M. Rassias, Hari M. Srivastava (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9401059381

ISBN-13: 9789401059381

Analytic and Geometric Inequalities and purposes is dedicated to fresh advances in numerous inequalities of Mathematical research and Geo­ metry. matters handled during this quantity comprise: Fractional order inequalities of Hardy sort, differential and crucial inequalities with preliminary time range­ ence, multi-dimensional quintessential inequalities, Opial sort inequalities, Gruss' inequality, Furuta inequality, Laguerre-Samuelson inequality with extensions and functions in facts and matrix conception, distortion inequalities for ana­ lytic and univalent features linked to yes fractional calculus and different linear operators, challenge of infimum within the confident cone, alpha-quasi­ convex services outlined by means of convolution with incomplete beta services, Chebyshev polynomials with integer coefficients, extremal difficulties for poly­ nomials, Bernstein's inequality and Gauss-Lucas theorem, numerical radii of a few better half matrices and limits for the zeros of polynomials, measure of convergence for a category of linear operators, open difficulties on eigenvalues of the Laplacian, fourth order predicament boundary price difficulties, bounds on entropy measures for combined populations in addition to controlling the rate of Brownian movement by means of its terminal price. A wealth of purposes of the above is additionally integrated. we want to convey our appreciation to the celebrated mathematicians who contributed to this quantity. eventually, it's our excitement to recognize the high quality cooperation and counsel supplied through the employees of Kluwer educational Publishers. June 1999 Themistocles M. Rassias Hari M.

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2) is >'0 (thus the lowest angular frequency of oscillation is ffo). 5) >'0 > 1 p(x) dX) > O. 5) is best possible. Let M mass and set for f small, _ {f' Pe (X ) Then f; Pe(x) dx = M. M X 1 ~ = f; p(x) dx be a fixed a- f, ~ + fJ, 1 1 x E [2 - f, 2 + fl· 2e - (2 - f), Let >'O(Pe) be the smallest eigenvalue of By the Rayleigh quotient characterization of >'0 (Pe), >'O(Pe) = . 11), >'O(Pe):S f; yg(X)2 dx 1 fo Pe (x)yo (x)2 dx ' . 48 and thus folY~(X)2dx . Vi which shows the constant 192 cannot be increased.

Replacing z by (z - c)/r, we conclude that, for every real or complex number 13 with 1131 ::; 1 and R> 1, the polynomial P (Rz - c(R - 1)) - j3P(z) has all its zeros in the disk D = {z : Iz - cl < r}. This proves the desired result. Proof of Theorem 2. For R = 1, the result is obvious. If max IP(z)1 = M, Izl=l then IP(z)1 < M for Izl = 1. Using Rouche's theorem, it follows that all the zeros of the polynomial F(z) = P(z) + )'zn M lie in Izl < 1 for every). 1 > 1. 1 > 1. This implies that IP(Rz) - j3P(z)1 ::; IRn - j3llzln M (Izl 2: 1; R For, if (14) is not true, then there is some point z = Zo with IP(Rz o) - j3P(zo) I > IRn If we take (13) j3llzol n M > 1) .

V. S. Mitrinovic, and Th. M. Rassias, Topics in Polynomials: Extremal Properties, Inequalities, Zeros, World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore, 1994. [8] G. P61ya and G. Szego, Aufgahen and Lehrsiitze aus der Analysis, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1925. [9] M. Riesz, Uber einen Satz des Herrn Serge Bernstein, Acta Math. 40(1916),337-347. cp SPACES RICHARD BROWN Mathematics Department, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487. VICTOR BURENKOV School of Mathematics, University of Wales Cardiff, 23 Senghennydd Road, Cardiff CF B4 YH, United Kingdom.

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