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By Chris Ryan

ISBN-10: 1407050141

ISBN-13: 9781407050140

Set in Scotland, Alpha strength are assisting out on a survival open air experience vacation programme for challenge children once they stumble throughout proof of an unlawful medications laboratory, hidden excessive at the moors at the laird's land. High-speed chases with quad motorcycles and 4x4 autos throughout nation besides survival talents like rafting, abseiling and mountain climbing deliver this l0th actionpacked event to the united kingdom with a dramatic storyline concentrating on one among modern day significant difficulties - dressmaker medicinal drugs and their manufacture.

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Li had attracted some attention. A guy in baggy jeans with a chain hanging out of his pocket was offering her a bottle of water and putting his arm around her. She was clearly rejecting him but the guy persisted. If he went much further, thought Alex, Li might have to do something rather unfriendly. Alex went up to her and grabbed the bottle. Li put her arm around him and gave his waist a squeeze. Alex nodded at the guy and took a swig of water. The guy looked annoyed. Still, he got the message and went away.

Anyway, that kind of thing rarely bothered him. He’d spent most of his life out on his parents’ ranch and was practically immune to the weather. Alex was enjoying it too. Caving brought new challenges. Navigation was important. As they picked their way along, Amber kept a close eye on the compass. A wrong turning could get them seriously lost. ‘This place is minging,’ said a bored voice. ’ ‘Keep moving and you’ll warm up,’ said Li. Tiff stopped immediately, planting her feet. ‘My knees are hurting.

I think we’d have heard the screams,’ muttered Li. They were irritated, but they had to consider other possibilities. Getting a casualty out would be extremely difficult. And if she’d done more than just sit down, or gone back further than the last cave, she could be lost. How long would it take to find her? Paulo emerged first into the stalactite cavern. ’ he called. Amber came out next, then the other three. They stood and listened for movement. The only thing they could hear was the steady drip of water.

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