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By Arnaldo Momigliano

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During this vintage learn of cultural disagreement Professor Momigliano examines the Greeks' perspective towards the modern civilizations of the Romans, Celts, Jews, and Persians. reading cultural and highbrow interplay from the fourth during the first centuries B.C., Momigliano argues that during the Hellenistic interval the Greeks, Romans, and Jews loved an unique particular courting that assured their lasting dominance of Western civilization.

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It was better to talk politics. But here again an obstacle presented itself which proved to be insuperable for both Polybius and Posidonius, though possibly for different reasons. Polybius never quite grasped the political organization of Italy in his own time. 4). But he does not seem to have tried to give a description of the Roman system of municipia and coloniae, Latin allies and other confederates. Posidonius is less easy to fault, given the scant numbers of fragments. But if Posidonius had paid attention to the structure of Italy before or after the Social War we should know it from Strabo who used his work extensively.

He did his best to turn Scipio Africanus into an unscrupulous manipulator of religious customs he did not share. Posidonius has the reputation, to a certain extent justified, of being a reVigious soul. But be does not seem to have noticed that Sulla and his friend Pompey were heading for selfdeification: death spared him the task of having to account for the apotheosis of Caesar. Posidonius found mystical postures and bogus oracles among the supporters of the slaveking Eunus and of the barbarous Mithridates.

A hundred thousand soldiers seems to have been the maximum any Hellenistic state was able to gather together for a decisive battle. C. C. The Roman superiority lay in the capacity for replacement - that is, in the capacity for surviving defeat in one or more battles, as the war against Pyrrhus and the second Punic War amply proved. 6), but which no ancient writer analysed, not even Polybius. A description of the precise relations between Rome and her Italian allies (not to speak of the relations between the city of Rome and the periphery of Roman territory proper) would not have been inconceivable in a Hellenistic historian.

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