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Number Theory

By J. W. S. Cassels, A. Frohlich

ISBN-10: 0121632512

ISBN-13: 9780121632519

This e-book presents a brisk, thorough therapy of the principles of algebraic quantity concept on which it builds to introduce extra complex subject matters. all through, the authors emphasize the systematic improvement of suggestions for the categorical calculation of the fundamental invariants resembling jewelry of integers, category teams, and devices, combining at each one degree thought with specific computations.

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This would imply that xi + x~ + x~ + x: 0 (mod m 2 ). This implies that p ""' 0 (mod m), which is impossible, because 3 s m < p. So n 2: 1. 19), we get m 2 np = (xi + x~ + x~ + x:)(yi + y~ + y~ + y~) + z~ + z~ + z~. 22) we see that m IZj' j = 2,3,4 and hence = zi m IZI also. So contradicting the minimality of m. This proves the theorem. 12. 19). 13. 19) can be explained in a very nice way. We define the ring IHI of real quaternions, first discovered by Hamilton, as follows: Chapter 3 46 Fix three symbols i, j, k.

12. 1. mZ is a subgroup of Z. 2. I'm is a subgroup of ex. 3. Put EXAMPLES SL(n, A) = {x E GL(n, A) Idet(x) = I}. Then SL(n, A) is a subgroup ofGL(n, A). We call SL(n, A) the special linear group of n x n matrices over A. 13. It is clear that e E H, for H being nonempty contains an element x and e = X-IX. 14. Suppose Show the following: Hlo H2 are two subgroups of a group G. 1. HI (") H2 is a subgroup of G. 2. HI U H2 need not be a subgroup of G. 3. If G is an abelian group written additively and n > 1 is an integer, show that nG = {nxlx E G} is a subgroup of G.

Thus 1: G/ H ~ f( G). Show that! is an onto monomorphism. 35. Suppose H is a subgroup of an abelian group G and f: G ~ G' is a homomorphism of groups. If the index [G: H] is finite, then so are the indices [f(G):f(H)] and [Ker(f): Ker(f) n H]. Moreover, [f(G}:f(H)] [G:H] = [Ker(f): Ker(f) n H] 28 Chapter 2 PROOF. ]. 5) Ker(f) _ For x E Ker(f), j(xH) _= f(x)f(H) = f(H), so _ we have a map f: Ker(f) -+ Ker(f) given by f(x) = xH. Clearly, Ker(f) = Ker(f) n H. If yH E ker(f), then f(y) = f(h) for some hE H, so x = yh- I E Ker(f) and J(x) = yh- I H = yH.

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