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Work like this is not for the mediocre. No less an expert must be that man who supervises the condition of the pilot. Flying, especially in the military service, coupled with the temperament peculiar to the man choosing this kind of work, develops a most extraordinary series of problems and complications. Many an aviator in a short time becomes a subject over which a genius in medicine might easily become discouraged. The establishment by our forefathers of the West Point Military Academy was a wise forethought.

A situation in which vision be 20a-2 of little use. normal, or the pilot is The " motion-sensing " portion of the interval ear must can not detect mjvem mt nor mally. AIE SEEVICE MEDICAL. 21 within a few days after the arrival of the medical oflBcer the units were ready for work. By this method of decentralizati on the examination of thousands of applicants in a minimum time was made Once was assured that those charged with the responsibility of conducting the examination were fully equipped and capable of making the tests, full authority was vested in the medical officer in possible.

Crash reports have demonstrated that a large proportion is due to such eye defects. " Many aviators are able to fly well without any difficulty in the daytime, but not at night. Laboratory tests determine definitely which individuals possess the ability to see well at night. " Stunting " is essentially an internal-ear problem. During and from his after rapid turnings the flier's brain is receiving impulses Nothing can control or alter the sending or receiving of these impulses. These impulses produce sensations of semicircular canals.

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