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By Steve, C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps

ISBN-10: 1580532829

ISBN-13: 9781580532822

The writer is a professional in RF amplifiers. during this ebook he expands upon the information offered in his earlier publication which was once a top vendor.

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It is worth emphasizing, however, that the input and output parasitics, usually capacitances, can still be quite high even in processes which yield useful gain at millimeter-wave frequencies. The assumption of resonant matching networks for these parasitics will play an important role in the interpretation of some of the results. 13. Normalization of a BJT characteristic is not such a clear issue as for an FET. The maximum peak current, Imax, is usually well defined for an FET due to saturation.

In order to illustrate an important point, a somewhat arbitrary device characteristic is shown. 5; clearly, there is a distinct “violation” of the original requirements for the peaking device, in that the peaking device never fully shuts down, and is palpably nonlinear. The voltage curves, therefore, tell an interesting story. First and foremost, the peaking device voltage Vp still shows the ideal linear response pertinent to Class B operation. The main device voltage shows only an approximation to the required characteristic.

7) can be solved to give R= V V dc , Z o = dc IM 2I M (= 2R ) noting that the load presented to the main device at the breakpoint is 2V dc = 4R IM Note that this value is a factor of two higher than would normally be used for a conventional linear design with no peaking device. This is a simple illustration of a novel way of viewing the action of a Doherty PA; the action of the peaking device is to enable the use of a much higher value of load resistor for a given main device yet still maintain similar transconductance linearity over the whole input drive range.

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