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By James L. Stokesbury

ISBN-10: 0061983489

ISBN-13: 9780061983481

The 1st one-volume survey of the yank Revolution that's either aim and complete, this impressive narrative heritage strains the expansion of a clash that inexorably set the yankee colonies at the highway to independence. providing a lively chronicle of the warfare itself -- the campaigns and techniques, the leaders on either side, the issues of fielding and maintaining a military, and of preserving morale -- Stokesbury additionally brings the reader to the Peace of Paris in 1783 and into the miltarily exhausted, financially ruined but positive usa because it emerged to create a doable nationwide system.

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Finley’s comment is not based so much upon Demosthenes’ words as upon the absence of these concepts from Greek literature in general; the most alarming example is Xenophon’s Ways and Means. 4 If the ancient Greek economy was much like our own, the Greeks themselves seem to have been most uncharacteristically obtuse in their understanding of it. 6 J. Hasebroek’s later study took more careful account of the extent of commerce in ancient Greece but argued that it was the domain of outsiders, metics, and foreigners, not usually an essential function of the polis and not an important factor in determining policy.

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