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By Richard Green Parker A.M., David Grant Stewart Sr.

The physics textbook that taught of the best geniuses of our time, Thomas Alva Edison and Henry Ford. Ford acknowledged it contained all of the info recognized concerning the topic on the time.

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No markings. Binding is free yet totally intact. Edges foxed and browned. past owner's signature in ink. Very fresh, crisp, and tight reproduction. Covers express a few staining. contains index. no longer Ex-Library. All books provided from DSB are stocked at our shop in Fayetteville, AR. store on transport via ordering a number of titles.

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It is upon the principle of action and reaction that birds 157. are enabled to fly. They strike the air with their wings, and the reaction of the air enables them to rise, fall, or remain stationary, at will, by increasing or diminishing the force of the stroke of their wings. | 158. It is likewise upon the same principle of action and reaction that fishes swim, or, rather, make their way through the water, namely, by striking the water with their fins. J 159. Boats are also propelled by oars on the same principle, and the oars are lifted out of the water, after every stroke, so as com pletely to prevent any reaction in a backward direction.

When a body When a body is struck by 182. struck by two equalforces, forces< j n opposite directions, it will opposite directions, h)w will rest. is m it move two equal remain at ? 183. If the forces be unequal, the body will move with diminished force in the direction of the greater force. Thus, if a body with a momentum of 9 be opposed by another body with a momentum of 6, both will move with a momentum of 3 in the direction of the greater force. How r ^forces k in y them different direc- - in the direction of the diagonal of a > parallelogram, having for its sides the lines through which the body would pass if urged by each of the How A bodJ> struck by two forces in different directions, will move in a line between 184 will a body move forces separately.

Let Fig. 11 represent a ball struck by the two equal forces and Y. In this figure of equal tha from C to D. As it cannot obey both, go between them to A, and the line C A, Fig n at wil1 NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. 56 through which it passes, is the diagonal of the square, A B C D This line also represents the resultant of the two forces. will be th The time occupied in its passage from C to A same as the Y to send How force it to X would require to send it to B, or the force D. will a Tf 187- If two unequal forces act at right angles to each other on a body, the body will ,.

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