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By Carl Zimmer

ISBN-10: 022629420X

ISBN-13: 9780226294209

The previous yr has been one in every of viral panic—panic about viruses, that's. via headlines, public well-being warnings, and a minimum of one home made hazmat swimsuit, we have been reminded of the strong strength of viruses. they're the smallest dwelling issues identified to technology, but they could carry the total planet of their sway.
A Planet of Viruses is Carl Zimmer’s eye-opening examine the hidden global of viruses. Zimmer, the preferred technology author and writer of National Geographic’s award-winning web publication The Loom, has up-to-date this variation to incorporate the tales of recent outbreaks, equivalent to Ebola, MERS, and chikungunya virus; new clinical discoveries, comparable to a hundred-million-year-old virus that contaminated the typical ancestor of armadillos, elephants, and people; and new findings that convey why weather swap could lead on to even deadlier outbreaks. Zimmer’s lucid factors and engaging tales display how deeply people and viruses are intertwined. Viruses helped supply upward push to the 1st life-forms, are answerable for a lot of our so much devastating illnesses, and should proceed to regulate our destiny for hundreds of years. completely readable, and as reassuring because it is scary, A Planet of Viruses is a desirable travel of an impressive hidden world.

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