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By Xiaoyuan Liu

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A Partnership of affliction examines the American-Chinese overseas coverage making plans in international warfare II for decolonizing the japanese Empire and controlling Japan after the conflict. The learn unearths how their disagreements on many concrete concerns avoided the 2 governments from forging an efficient partnership. between those matters have been the function of the Soviet Union and the which means of Asian nationalism. on the war's finish, the triumphant Allies have been neither in cooperation between themselves nor capable of take care of the upheavals in Asia.

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Now receiving more American aid than before, they began to worry about losing independence. "17 KMT leaders recognized that although China's military situation was improved by the Pacific war, its diplomatic position remained questionable after it entered the patron-beneficiary relationship with the United States. In terms of their dream for restoring China's splendor, the American connection was construed at best as a mixed blessing. KMT leaders' anxieties would increase during the war when, from time to time, Washington attempted to influence the direction of Chongqing's internal and foreign policies.

After receiving Currie, he felt that personal rapport was growing between himself and Roosevelt. In the last few months of 1941, Chiang convinced 12 13 14 GW, 76: 370; Chinese Ministry of Information, The Collected Wartime Messages of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, 1937-1945 (New York: John Day, 1946; reprint, New York: Kraus Reprint, 1969), 118-119 (hereafter cited as Messages of Chiang); Chiang to Roosevelt, 24 December 1937, FRUS, 1937, 3: 832-833. S. Ambassador Nelson T. , 3(1): 100-102. Minutes of the Chiang-Currie conversations on 8 and 26 February 1941, ZZSC, 3(1): 542-545, 591-595- The making of an alliance 17 himself that his "honorable and trustworthy" diplomacy with the Americans had enhanced his stature in the eyes of President Roosevelt and influenced the Roosevelt administration to adopt more determined measures to check Japanese expansion.

Germany is the only country from which we can learn something. "10 In the late 1930s and early 1940s, however, when deserted by "solid Germany" and troubled by the ambivalent Soviet policy in East Asia, the Chinese government looked more and more in the direction of "fancy America" for help. After Moscow and Tokyo concluded a neutrality treaty in April 1940, Chiang told his officials that from now on, China would pay special attention to the direction of Washington's policy. Until Japan attacked America's Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor in December 1941, however, the Chinese government's search for an alliance with the United States accomplished little except obtaining piecemeal aid from America.

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