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By Wayne Teasdale

ISBN-10: 1577311817

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The Mystic center chronicled Brother Wayne Teasdale’s trip right into a multifaceted spirituality mixing his conventional Catholic education and the japanese manner of sannyasa (Indian monkhood). A Monk on the planet tells what that trip has intended for him — dwelling as a monk outdoors the monastery, integrating teachings from the world’s religions together with his personal Catholic education, combining his lively non secular perform with the must haves of creating a dwelling, and pursuing a process social justice in a massive American urban. In telling his tale, Teasdale indicates how others can locate their very own “internal monastery” and produce religious perform into their busy lives

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Furthermore, I choose to be a monk living in the midst of the real world, among my brothers and sisters, because I am first of all a contemplative mystic. That is, I am anchored in a deep and growing inner awareness of God’s presence, of the Divine’s incomparable love for each one of us. Often I feel the Divine One giving itself to me directly, in my relationships with others and in the natural world; it is always a source of inspiration, delight, and even bliss. I experience and so am aware of this Presence in some way, all the time.

Francis of Assisi and St. Bonaventure were both skilled in this kind of sacred reading. ” No view of the world is complete without including this subtle form of knowing, a kind of illumination that relies on fully developed intuition. I awakened to this capacity in myself very gradually. It began when, as an undergraduate, I visited a monastery in upstate New York. ” Although I heard his words, they took time to sink in. It didn’t happen immediately, but when it did, I experienced a sudden irruption of insight, a stream of intense illumination, a holistic apprehension of an entire process of knowing.

Is it possible for the masses of humanity, who do not live in monastic seclusion, to activate the monk within? Are we capable of realizing the mystical life here in the world, in the midst of so much frantic activity? That question is the basic preoccupation of this book. Why be a monk in the world and not in a comfortable monastery? For many years I assumed I would find God sequestered away, and surely one can, but I learned a valuable lesson from my time in India. India taught me the primacy of the mystical quest, the search for the Divine Presence by the wandering ascetic renunciate.

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