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Telephone service may be necessary for security and flexibility. 9 Public Information 1. Appoint a public intbrmation office to conduct news conferences at specified times at a specified location, which will not interfere with control operations. 2. Factual information should be provided but no opinions given on the cause of the problem or responsibility. 3. News media can be helpful if a limited evacuation is necessary. Reasons for evacuation and information on where evacuees should go should be given.

Autorefrigeration The property of liquefied gas by which the liquid is cooled by release of vapor to the atmosphere. Hydrogen (UN 1966, CAS 1333-74-0) is a flammable gas that does n o t autorefrigerate. If hydrogen is leaking from a pressure tank, it will cause the tank to heat up. This can cause a dangerous situation from ignition or possible overpressuring of the tank. org Flammable Range The range of vapor concentration in volume percent of gas that forms an ignitable mixture in air. Flash Point The minimum temperature at which the vapor given off by a liquid within a test vessel forms an ignitable mixture with air.

Do not fight fire! Affempt to fog the fire fumes if there is no c h a n c e of runoff to reach vehicle. *Note: Use of water fog should be done only by informed and trained personnel. Contact manufacturers for training materials. Ethyl Corp. 800/535-3030 (information) 504/344-7147, 24 hrs. Texas Alkyls 800/227-7070 (information) 713/479-8411, 24 hrs. CHEMTREC | 800/424-9300 or Call collect 202/483-7616 CANUTEC Call collect 613/996-6666 Water-Sensitive Liquids I 63 INITIAL EMERGENCY ASSESSMENT-INITIAL RESPONSEACTION Action Checklist for Assessment and Response to a Hazardous Material Incident EXPECT HAZARDOUS MATERIALSTO BE INVOLVED IN ALL INCIDENTS.

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