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By Caryl Rae Krannich

ISBN-10: 1570230900

ISBN-13: 9781570230905

Every one mystery during this very important e-book is an easy-to-understand tip for featuring higher speeches.

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If you responded "true" to any statements, by the time you finish this book you should understand why "false'' is a better response. Your Presentation Comfort Quotient How comfortable are you in giving a speech? Let's check your "presentation comfort quotient" to see what skills you may need to polish before we begin examining each secret. The following statements express feelings which many people have about presenting a speech. How many of these feelings do you share? How strong are your feelings?

As you cite the results of an extended medical study, you may have choices. Do you give credit by citing the researcher by name or do you credit The New England Journal of Medicine where the research results were published? To a group of laymen with no knowledge of the Page 32 medical research community, you would probably allude to the published results and the journal knowing that even people with no medical training have heard of it and know it is held in high regard: According to the results of the study published in the May edition of .

At this point you may further limit your focus if necessary to fit into the time available. 12. Develop the Speech Body First Most speeches consist of three parts: introduction body conclusion Page 28 Caution! " In simplest terms the introduction should gain your listeners' attention and orient them to the focus of your speech; the bodysometimes referred to as the "discussion section"sets forth the main ideas and develops or supports the main ideas of your speech; the conclusion briefly reviews the main ideas and imparts a statement of impact.

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