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By Glenn Haumann

ISBN-10: 0927203057

ISBN-13: 9780927203050

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Pragmatic Stylistics (Edinburgh Textbooks in Applied Linguistics)

This textbook sequence presents complicated introductions to the most parts of research in modern utilized Linguistics, with a critical concentrate on the speculation and perform of language educating and language studying and at the procedures and difficulties of language in use.

This quantity is a learn of the language of literary texts. It seems to be on the usefulness of pragmatic theories to the translation of literary texts and surveys tools of analysing narrative, with specified realization given to narratorial authority and personality focalisation. The ebook contains a description of Grice's Co-operative precept and its contribution to the translation of literary texts, and considers Sperber and Wilson's Relevance conception, with specific pressure at the worthwhile insights into irony and different types of oblique discourse it bargains. Bakhtin's theories are brought, and on the topic of the extra explicitly linguistic Relevance thought. Metaphor, irony and parody are tested basically as pragmatic phenomena, and there's a strand of sociolinguistic curiosity relatively when it comes to the theories of Labov and Bakhtin.


* the 1st pragmatically orientated examine of the language of fictional texts.

* Introduces a variety of pragmatic theories and provides a variety of techniques that may be utilized to texts.

* comprises examples from literary texts, predominantly from the 20th century - in contrast to many works on pragmatics which use invented examples.

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